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‘Winter Roscoff’ – yummy

April 11, 2011

Last spring, a year ago, I planted some cauliflower seeds – ‘Winter Roscoff’. This turned out to be a mistake, as ‘Winter Roscoff’ are an over-wintering variety of cauliflower that produce their crop of huge white heads in the spring time and, as such, don’t require planting until the autumn.  Anyhow, my ‘Winter Roscoff’ plants got an extra four or five months growing time, and this has now born fruit – literally. Last weekend I harvested the biggest head of cauliflower that I’ve ever seen; my wife made cauliflower cheese and it was simply delicious. This autumn – ‘Winter Roscoff’ will be on my agenda again.

A Winter Roscoff cauliflower head

A Winter Roscoff cauliflower head

My first early potatoes have surfaced. I’ve been earthing them up too, but the warm weather has brought them on fast, so I’m not just hoping that we see no more frosts. It’s still only early April, so this may be a vain hope…

I spent a good few hours over last weekend, cleaning by greenhouse. This year I’m using baby sterilising fluid for the job, which includes cleaning all glass surfaces, both inside and out. Once the cleaning operation was complete, I moved my new batch of organic grow-bags into position. The first plants in were my ‘Arctic Circle’ bush tomatoes; I’m hoping this short season variety from Canada, will give me an early crop – and be hardy enough to resist any late frost. I’m also hardening off my other tomato plants:

  • Gardeners Delight
  • Mexican Miget (cherry variety)
  • Faworyt (beefsteak variety)

Pus my sweet and chilli peppers – which will be going into their grow bags next weekend:

  • Antohi Romanian (sweet)
  • Lipstick (sweet)
  • Cayenne (chilli)

My onion and leeks seedlings are now outside, hardening off, to be ready for planting into raised beds next weekend. My beetroot ‘Sauguina’ seedlings are now being brought on, in the green house – they’ll probably be ready for planting out in another ten to fourteen days.

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